2022 Call for Nominations to the NZIX Committee

Being on the New Zealand Internet Exchange Committee is a great way to get involved and give back to both the Society and to the internet community.

All nominees must meet the requirements within the Society Rules and ByLaws, and are required to sign a Consent to Act, Non-Disclosure Agreement, Conflict of Interest Disclosure. Committee members are expected to adhere to a Code of Conduct upon joining.

The NZIX Committee call for nominees to fill two positions of four year terms on the committee. Nominations must be submitted in writing, using the submission form below.


    being a representative of

    A member of NZIX in good standing, hereby nominate,

    for a position on the NZIX Committee at the 2022 NZIX AGM.

    Do you have the consent of the candidate for this nomination?

    Nominations will be posted on the Society website at the close of the nomination period and voting information issued thereafter (contact details will be kept confidential).

    Nominations close on 21 July 2022.

    Voting will take place online from 22 July 2022 and will remain open until the start of the Annual General meeting on Thursday 28 July 2022. For further information on nominating or the requirements for being on the Committee please contact nominations@ix.nz