2018 Committee Nominations

Devoli, represented by Barry Murphy
I am currently a trustee of NZnog and would like to assist in the growth and success of NZIX.
A message from Barry is available here.

Vocus, represented by Simon Allard
I am keen to get involved more in making peering happen.

Maxum Data, represented by Liam Farr
Liam’s strength in all aspects of networking, and desire for an equitable playing field in the NZ internet landscape.

InternetNZ, represented by Daniel Griggs
After working in IXs both internationally and in NZ I’m keen to contribute back to the NZ Internet community.

Business Technology Group LTD, represented by Jeff Morgan
I am seeking election to the NZIX Committee because I feel I have the right combination of technical skills and experience to represent our current and future members.
A message from Jeff is available here.

DTS LTD, represented by Kevin Cox
I have been on the committee briefly and I am keen to be of help to the New Zealand internet community with my management skills and technical understanding from being in the telco industry for 25 years.
A message from Kevin is available here.

Nominations close at 5pm 21 June 2018. Voting information will be issued directly to voting members on Friday 22 June 2018.
For any additional information members should contact vote@ix.nz