NZIX Committee Changes

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The New Zealand Internet Exchange (NZIX) story is closely linked to our friends across the Tasman, the Internet Association of Australia (IAA). Members of the IAA peering on the IX Australia network, were showing interest in peering in New Zealand, so Joe Wooller began investigating the landscape in New Zealand.

Joe and the team at the IAA worked with a group of local industry representatives to establish the AKL-IX, which launched in October 2014. Once the exchange was established a local society was established to provide the strategic oversight of the network, and the NZIX was established as a society in February 2016. Joe served was part of the founding committee and has been a key contributor to the exchanges’ growth over the past four years.

Going from strength to strength NZIX has repaid the investment made by the IAA to establish the exchange, and now looks to expand and grow the network. Joe has been an integral part of our journey to date.

As many of you may be aware, Joe Wooller recently announced his resignation from the IAA  and with that he also leaves representing the IAA on the NZIX committee. On behalf of all the NZIX members and the NZIX Committee we thank you Joe for you role is setting up ALK-IX and the NZIX. We wish Joe all the best in his future endeavours, and hope to see you in New Zealand again soon.

As Joe departs the NZIX committee, we welcome a new representative on behalf of the IAA. Daryl Collins of Akamai has now joined the NZIX committee. Daryl has been part of the IAA Board since September 2016 and will bring a value insight to the committee as we plan for our part in delivering services for the Rugby World Cup.

On behalf of the committee, thank you Joe – and welcome Daryl.

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