We operate a multilateral peering point across NZ.

As well as being able to access other advertised networks on the fabric, participants will have access to content delivery network (CDN) traffic hosted by the society and can even negotiate bilateral agreements with other participants.

BGP communities are also available to help you control your advertisement and AS path length, amongst other things.


10G peering is charged at a rate of NZD$350 per month (ex GST).

40G and 100G peering is available at selected sites charged at a rate of NZD$1250 per month (ex GST), with a set up fee of NZD$2500 (exc GST)

Society membership is included within monthly peering costs.

For more information please contact our Technical Team on

Get started

Visit our members portal to register and manage your membership as well as ordering services.

Peering participants

  • 2Degrees (AS23655)
  • 2Talk (AS55561)
  • ACS Data (AS18119)
  • Akamai (AS20940)
  • Ashnet (AS133187)
  • Blue Reach (AS64095)
  • BTG Networks (AS56028)
  • Callplus (AS9790)
  • Chorus Fibre Lab (AS132898)
  • Cloudflare (AS13335)
  • ColoAU (AS63956)
  • Compass (AS9245)
  • Concepts (AS4049)
  • Connectivity IT (AS58511)
  • Devoli (AS45177)
  • Digital Island Peering (AS56186)
  • DTSanz (AS24183)
  • Fastcom (AS18015)
  • Fastly Peering (AS54113)
  • FX Networks (AS9503)
  • Full Flavour (AS132857)
  • Gisborne Peering (AS134673)
  • Globicom (AS132692)
  • GSL (AS137409)
  • HD Net (AS24466)
  • Host Universal (AS136557)
  • Hurricane Electric (AS6939)
  • IAA (AS10084)
  • ICONZ Peering (AS4770)
  • Inspire (AS17705)
  • Intergrid (AS133480)
  • Kordia (AS24324)
  • LanWorx (AS131291)
  • Lightwire (AS45267)
  • Link Telecom Peering (AS18199)
  • Maxumdata (AS55785)
  • Microsoft (AS8075)
  • MikiPro (AS132347)
  • Mothership (AS133096)
  • MyRepublic Peering (AS133579)
  • Netflix (AS2906)
  • NetValue (AS24459)
  • NowNZ (AS9876)
  • NZRS Peering (AS38064)
  • NZ Technology (AS45280)
  • Omninet (AS132881)
  • PlanB (AS132240)
  • Primo Wireless Peering (AS132255)
  • Reannz Peering (AS38022)
  • RexNetworks Peering (AS131296)
  • Sitehost (AS45179)
  • Solarix (AS23838)
  • Superloop Peering (AS38195)
  • Tangelo Peering (AS135328)
  • TradeME (AS9834)
  • Trust Power Peering (AS55850)
  • Turbo I.T (AS136797)
  • Uber (AS45230)
  • Ultimate Broadband (AS133192)
  • UniFone (AS45637)
  • Velocity (AS132268)
  • Vetta (AS64073)
  • Vibe (AS45177)
  • Virtutel (AS24516)
  • VNGS (AS17435)
  • Vocus (AS4826)
  • Vodafone (AS9500)
  • Vorco (AS58666)
  • Voyager (AS56030)
  • WIC (AS38437)
  • Wireless Nation (AS132449)
  • Xtreme (AS18400)

Technical Guide

Technical details on the Peering service, including configuration options are available here.