Who are we?

Following the overwhelming success of the trial AKL-IX peering exchange run by the Internet Association of Australia Inc. (IX Australia) The IAA has been instrumental in the incorporation of a dedicated society to promote the above goals in New Zealand. We are proud to announce that as of the 16th February 2016 New Zealand Internet Exchange Incorporated has been incorporated by the Registrar of Incorporated Societies.

New Zealand Internet Exchange Incorporated was incorporated with the aim to:


  • support and protect the interests of the Internet community in New Zealand

  • assist the operation and expansion of Internet usage within New Zealand

  • promote education and informed discussions on matters relating to the Internet

  • support, encourage and advise on the development and use of online services and related innovations

  • develop and maintain valuable links with similar organisations within New Zealand and globally for the benefit of Members

  • offer services to Members and the general public to assist in fulfilling the aforementioned stated objects


A board of management is elected annually to oversee the strategic direction and operation of the organisation and it’s services.

The elected executive committee as at the 4th February 2016 is as follows:


Davey Good
Vibe Communications


Joe Wooller
Internet Association of Australia Inc.


Paul Arch
Internet Association of Australia Inc.

Committee Members

Tom Paseka

Chris Browning

Dave Mill

Colin South