2024 Committee Nominations

Shaun Fisher

Nominated by Vetta Online Ltd

Shaun has founded, and operated New Zealand ISP Vetta Online for 15+ years, building a wealth of knowledge of the New Zealand telecommunications ecosystem, and also sits on various boards including the Internet Service Providers Association of NZ and Registrar Advisory Group at the Domain Name Commission.

Shaun’s experience in the industry brings together a wide range of expertise of far reaching topics across the telco space, this gives Shaun a cohesive view of the operational and technical challenges and responses required across the New Zealand telecommunications landscape.

Chris Browning

Nominated by Lightwire

Hi. I have been working in the Internet Provider space in New Zealand for 18 years. I am the Chief Technology Officer at Lightwire Limited, an ISP that is a regional WISP and a National network in the business space. I was part of the inaugural NZIX Committee and have actively participated since.
Key achievements and skills while serving NZIX:
  • Helped create the initial organisation, frame the culture, and focus on excellence, which led to building three strong, sustainable, and reliable Internet Exchanges in New Zealand while clearing the society’s debt and moving to a robust financial position.
  • Served as society Chair for 2 Years. As Chair, I guided the society through challenging times, particularly when we faced difficulties with IAA. I also led the changes to the society’s rules after we paid off our debt to IAA to guarantee that the society’s member base had ultimate control, rather than IAA having veto powers.
  • Served as society Treasurer for 2 years. I am currently serving as the Treasurer, and I have seen first-hand the balance between the number of the number of points of presence (POPs) we maintain and the costs of delivering the capacity and resilience the New Zealand operators expect and require of NZ exchanges, especially in Auckland. I have played a key role in helping society set saving targets to enable it to purchase next-generation hardware for transitioning to 400G interfaces and future technologies.
  • Worked with diverse members. One of the keys to operating a successful Internet Exchange is to consider all types of members in decision-making. Through NZIX, I have developed contacts and relationships with various cloud providers, enterprises, larger and smaller ISPs, and National and International members.


I am keen to continue contributing my strategy and technology skills to the NZIX society; if nominated, I will offer my services to the incoming committee to act as Treasurer again.

Dave Mill

Nominated by InspireNet Ltd

Hi. I am Dave. I have worked for various ISPs and Enterprises around NZ as a Network Engineer. I have served the last 8 years on the NZIX committee as both the Treasurer and Chair. Whilst I’ve achieved a great deal over the past 8 years, I feel there is still another stint left to do for NZIX, primarily to enable succession and the longevity of the IX and committee.

My favourite and notable achievements over the past few years are:

  • Negotiating the initial agreements between IAA and NZIX to enable our eventual independence
  • Being Treasurer, whilst paying off our loan to IAA
  • Launching POPs in two new cities
  • Attending Peering Asia and representing NZIX on the world, peering stage.
  • The new society rules being presented to you at our 2024 AGM


I have a wee bit more to still give to this great community and ask that you elect me back to the NZIX committee for a (hopefully) final term.

Jesse Archer

Nominated by PrimoWireless Ltd

As the owner-operator of Full Flavour, a regional rural wireless provider, and an active member of NZIX, I am accepting nomination for the NZIX Committee. My goal is to enhance and expand internet services across New Zealand, particularly in regional areas.

Key Initiatives:

  • Introduce Virtual Leased Lines (VLLs): This service, already offered by IX exchanges in Australia, will provide greater flexibility and efficiency for NZIX members.
  • Expand NZIX Locations: I propose extending NZIX to strategic locations like Mount Eden or Ponsonby to enhance connectivity and drive down costs for NZIX members. I’d also like to explore expanding services to regional cities.
  • Support Industry Events: Continuing sponsorship of events like NZNOG is essential for fostering informed discussions, promoting education, and encouraging innovation within our industry.

Experience and Skills:

With extensive experience in telecommunications, especially in rural broadband, I bring practical knowledge and business acumen to the table. My expertise spans strategic planning and technical operations.

Thank you for considering my nomination.

Callum Barr

Nominated by SiteTech