Auckland Expansion Works Completed

It was well over a year ago when we let all our members know about our plans to expand and upgrade the AKL-IX. And if we’re being honest, the planning and quoting and planning and quoting started awhile before that.

We are so happy to confirm that all the planned work has been completed and you can now find the IX has:

  • A new POP at Datacom Orbit Drive
  • A diverse west path (avoiding the bridge)
  • 400G redundant and diverse ring!

And looks like this . . .

A diagram of a computer network

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This project took many man hours from both the NZIX Committee and the IAA technical team and after some unexpected delays, we are delighted to close off this project and move onto the next one.

Thank you to everyone involved in making this happen and we hope our members enjoy their new AKL-IX redundant and diverse ring!

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On Thursday 27 July the Committee of the New Zealand Internet Exchange Inc (NZIX) held its 2023 Annual General Meeting.

This was our third year of holding a hybrid AGM and we welcomed our members and industry guests, both in person at the Longroom in Auckland, and online via Zoom.  We thank all guests who attended, but particularly those who braved the wind and rain to join us in person!

Society Chair, Dave Mil of Searchlight, commenced the formalities of the AGM by welcoming everyone and giving his Chair’s Report. He provided an update on the Auckland IX Expansion project, MDR floor move, launching of our new Datacom PoP and our new IX in Wellington.

Treasurer Chris Browning was pleased to announce that at the end of the 2022/23 financial year NZIX had $417k cash on hand, $219k profit before depreciation, $93k net profit and $552k equity. Also notable is that we carry no loans or other debt.

Jocelyn Bateman stood in for Tom Paseka (who was unable to join us in-person from California this year) and ran through NZIX membership growth, policies changes and confirmed there will be 3 Committee seats up for nomination next year. The new Societies Act 2022 will prompt some changes to our Society Rules and we expect those changes to be ready to vote on at next year’s AGM.

Aaron Chidiac from IAA delivered the technical report breaking down each IX and reporting on peers, traffic, routes and ports. Auckland IX had big changes over the year, with the Auckland Expansion project completing. Whilst the other two exchanges remained relatively unchanged, but ticking along nicely.

With no elections or voting this year the meeting concluded with a member discussion and everyone at the Longroom enjoyed a few drinks and nibbles as well.

We sent out a post-event survey that returned some overwhelmingly positive feedback and a couple of notes of improvements. Thank you to those who completed the survey; your feedback is valuable and always welcome. For those who were unable to attend, if you would like to see the AGM slides, they are available by request.

If you would like any additional information, or have any feedback, please do not hesitate to reach out to the team via

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Check out those big smiles! Maybe it’s because they were in SUVA. Last year in October, Chris and Dave attended a UN meeting at the United Nations’ office as part of a task force that is heading up a new IXP in the Pacific.

The Pacific IXP project is a new initiative that will form a multi-country IXP in the South Pacific region – built to Fiji, Samoa and New Zealand. In future, nine other countries can connect and will have better access to content within the region.

So far a task force has been formed, comprising UN ESCAP, Paul Brooks, Elly from APNIC, NZIX (Chris and Dave), representatives from the Samoan Government and SAM-IX and representatives from the Fijian Government and Telecommunications authority. They are hoping to create an organisation that owns the hardware and operates independently, but is run by a committee. Initial surveys with the countries that we’re targeting are on-going. So far, the responses are positive and it shows that there is interest from local ISPs in those countries to connect to the Pacific IXP.

NZIX is assisting in this project in a number of ways. Our Committee can offer valuable expertise in running IXPs and assistance in managing existing relationships with many content and cloud providers. There is also potential to provide pseudo-wires or similar to build the network.

For more information, you can watch an update that Chris provided at NZNOG here, and also Dave’s lightning talk from APRICOT, which you can watch here.

Stay connected with us on social media and keep an eye out for our future newsletters for updates on this great project.

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The 2023 Annual General Meeting will be upon us very soon and we would like to invite all members to save the date. We will once again run it as a hybrid event in the evening, with hopes that members near and far can attend.

Date: Thursday, 27 July 2023
Time: 5.30pm, with formalities starting at 6.00pm NZST
Location: The Longroom, 114 Ponsonby Rd, Grey Lynn, Auckland (or via Zoom)

For the lucky members who will join us in person, canapes and drinks will be supplied, so be sure to turn up and have a good old fashioned face-to-face catch up with other members and the Committee.

RSVP to attend in person through the NZIX Members Portal or by emailing

RSVP to attend via Zoom, register here.

If you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact the NZIX team at or phone +64 9888 9221.

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Late last year we gave members the opportunity to pre-order ports at our new PoP in Auckland – Datacom Orbit Drive, followed by a happy announcement that services were up and running in late January. Datacom joins the network as part of a planned series of upgrades to our Auckland ring (project AKL_EX22) as traffic continues to grow and the demand for capacity grows along with it! Contractors delivered 1 x 96F MTP structured cabling to both telco rooms 1 and 2 with new dark fibre paths entering the data centre form separate entries and telco rooms, increasing diversity. With a current average daily peak of 370Gbps, AKL-IX is our largest IX and is set to get even bigger.

The new MDR <> Datacentre220 path was installed December 2022 and has been pushing traffic since. Our path between these sites is a diverse 2x100G path for a total of 400G of point-to-point capacity!

The goal of the AKL_EX22 project is to deliver a 400G redundant and diverse ring network with a path forward to the 400G Switch + 800G/1.2T ring into the future. Our DWDM 400G Muxponder has arrived, but unfortunately we’ve been hit with massive delays on the east and west dark fibre paths, that are being supplied by Vodafone. We had hoped they would arrive in December!

The East path has been partially delivered to us at the end of March 2023 and work is underway to get cross connects done, testing the line with ODTR then installing our DWDM hardware to bring the link up. The west path delivery is expected to take longer with works required in the middle of the highway and on top of this we are being asked by our DC provider, Spark, to relocate racks at MDR! An IAA engineer may be shipped over to NZ to get these big changes done.

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Another fantastic NZNOG took place in Rotorua late last month! As proud Gold Sponsors, we had a stand again this year, and used the opportunity to catch up with as many members as possible. We also ran bingo, which was a bit of fun, and we’d like to thank NZNOG for their support of the game, and thank our wonderful Committee members, Dave Mill and Matthew Enger for organising it.

In the conference itself NZIX Committee member, Simon Allard in his capacity as Head of Technology Architecture at 2degrees, gave a fascinating talk about the impacts and learnings from Cyclone Gabyfor both the Vocus and 2degrees networks. Rene, from FlexOptix, gave both a terrifying but heart-warming talk on the Keep Ukraine Connected project, and our own Matt K gave a bit of an update on ‘all things tech’ on NZIX’s 3 exchanges.

There were many “angry Australian” visitors from across the ditch. One of whom gave a fantastic network update and informative lighting talk – thank you, Matt K! If you missed Matt’s presentations, you can catch up on YouTube. You may also have met Jemma at our booth, who joins us as a welcome addition to the NZIX team, taking care of our accounts, working closely with Tanzia, our Executive Officer.

We had some great merch items up for grabs this year from carabiners (they also serve as a bottle opener – you’re welcome!) to Pacman themed mouse mats, beer glasses and sour grape lollies. We hope you all managed to find something to tempt you.

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As part of our network expansion plans in Auckland, our new Point of Presence (PoP), Datacom Orbit Drive, is now at the stage of taking pre-orders and is expected to go-live late in January 2023.

Members can now pre-order 10G/40G/100G ports at this new location via the Member Portal. Once the site is fully operational, we will email members who have placed pre-orders to let them know we are up and running.

If you have any queries regarding the new PoP, please get in touch with us at

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In preparation for the end of the year, we would like to inform members of our embargo period: Friday, 23 December 2022 – Sunday, 8 January 2023 (inclusive). During this period, we will not be provisioning any new services or changing existing services. Rest assured, support staff will be on call if any urgent issues or network emergencies arise. If you have any orders or change requests, please submit them by Friday, 9 December 2022. 

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We’re thrilled that Simon will be continuing his service to NZIX by serving on the Committee for another four-year term. Simon joined NZIX in 2018 as he works for a large telco that heavily relies on peering. He says, “peering in New Zealand is a big part of the New Zealand Internet, and it’s important that it’s well managed with strong governance.”  

Currently working as the Head of Technology Architecture for 2Degrees, Simon began working in the Internet industry when he was 17. For Simon, it was new and exciting, and he knew that it was going to become a big part of our lives. His first job was on an Internet helpdesk at iHug when the Internet cost was $10 per Mbyte – YIKES! He quickly moved into Programming and Networking, where he remained for ten years. Since then, he’s worked at Maxnet/Vodafone and then settled in at Orcon. Orcon became Callplus, which then became Vocus, and Vocus is now becoming 2Degrees.  

All work aside, Simon is happily married to his wife, Kylie, and has three young children (Lockie 9, Isabel 6 and Nico 2). In his spare time, Simon volunteers for the New Zealand Coastguard and has been part of it for 10+ years. He is now a skipper of a Quick Rescue Vessel (QRV) and says, “bringing people home to their loved ones in some challenging situations is very fulfilling!”.   

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We’re excited to introduce our new Committee Member, Jocelyn Bateman! Jocelyn will be serving on the Committee for the next four years, and we are very happy that she has come onboard. Joining NZIX in 2020 as part of the AWS Edge PoP build in Auckland, she subsequently decided that she would like to become a Committee Member and work more with NZ carriers/peers and would also like to help attract more content into NZ. 

With a background in network engineering and educational qualifications in Engineering, Business and CCIE, Jocelyn has worked for several Australian carriers. Her career began when she worked in the Telstra International Cable Station/Exchange in Sydney – the only cable on the east coast back then! The team configured Frame Relay between AU-US. The Internet came about within her first year of working, and she tells us that it’s been too interesting not to stay connected (pun intended!).  

Currently working in the Global Interconnection Strategy Team, she is responsible for the strategy for the connectivity between AWS and the rest of the Internet for Oceania. The role is technical, commercial, legal, and project-based and includes a lot of negotiation. She says she is lucky to have an amazing team and that she really enjoys working for AWS. 

All work talk aside, Jocelyn grew up on a dairy farm in NSW before moving to Sydney to study and work. One of her favourite things to do is mowing the lawn, as she likes most outdoor work. She also enjoys spending time with her family and walking her dog.  

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