NZIX AGM: A message from Committee Nominee Barry Murphy

I have been involved in the internet space for nearly 2 decades and in that time, I’ve had dealings with just about every telecommunications company in New Zealand (and Australia) either directly or indirectly.

In February 2016, I was honoured to be invited to be a trustee of NZNog where since joining I have been involved in two successful conferences and the scouting and planning of three events.

My skills are particularly good in entrepreneurship having been an owner of three successful companies; meaning, planning,  budgeting, doing what is necessary & always keeping eye on the ball to make something successful which is what I can bring to the table.

I have an extensive knowledge of the industry and have a great understanding of those that use it, or at least manage it, such as connecting with people and peering etc.

Many years ago, I used to run, and still do (while very outdated) which was a means to show the peering of NZ ISP’s, since then much more advanced and pretty looking BGP tools have become available.

While it is not my intention to re-write tools that have become available, I come up with some great ideas; given the resources to help take them to the next level, could be advantageous of NZIX.

In closing, I would love the opportunity to be part of NZIX and ensuring its stability & growth continue for generations to come.

I can be reached on if anyone has any questions they wish to ask.

Many thanks

Barry Murphy


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