NZIX AGM: A message from Committee Nominee Jeff Morgan

Dear Members,

I am seeking election to the NZIX Committee because I feel I have the right combination of technical skills and experience to represent our current and future members.

I want to represent all of our NZIX members, big or small, discover how we can grow NZIX for everyone, and ensure the current established neutrality remains.

As a member of the NZIX committee it would be my priority to assist in planning the evolution and development of the NZIX.

I am a Senior Network Engineer with over 15 years industry experience. I’m a problem solver that likes to think outside the box. I have over 5 years experience with Extreme Networks switching, which the NZIX is built upon, integrating Extreme into many well-known medium to large NZ enterprises, large schools, and polytechnics.

When I’m not at work, or running after the kids at home, I can often be found relaxing with a nice whisky, and tinkering with home automation, electronics, and IoT devices.

I want to be a voice for you on the committee, giving up my time for this role, and attending NZIX committee meetings in order to help evolve NZIX through the next stage of its growth.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me: or via Twitter @jeffmorgannz

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