NZIX Achieves Milestone with First 100G Peer Going Live

NZIX has connected its first member on its 100G peering service in Auckland. Trustpower’s 100G port went live on June 27.  As one of New Zealand’s largest energy and telecommunications companies Trustpower will benefit from the greater capacity it can now offer its customers through this service.  

Trustpower’s decision to sign up to the 100G port is very timely, with internet traffic in the country certain to increase over the coming months due to the online demands placed on the network with the streaming of New Zealand’s favourite ‘national’ sport at this year’s Rugby World Cup, starting in September. The additional capacity offered by the 100G port will enable Trustpower to avoid hitting constraints on their peering points into the future.  

 “We are delighted to be NZIX’s first 100G peering customer,” says Ginny Buell, ISP Operations Manager at Trustpower.  

“With expectations for fast, high quality internet connections and the continual growth across the network, being able to offer quality coverage and better customer experience is crucial, especially during peak traffic times.”  

This momentous step follows the successful launch of 100G peering services by NZIX in June. NZIX is continuing to work to provide world class, cost effective peering option for its members  

“Upgrading all of our infrastructure to support 40G and 100G peering has been a huge project for NZIX and our biggest undertaking to date,” explains NZIX Treasurer, Dave Mill.  

“The upgrade has taken a lot of time and expense, so it is great to have Trustpower come on board as out first 100G peer in Auckland. There is still work to do but sometimes it’s nice to savour what has been achieved and today is one of those days.” 

For further information on peering with NZIX contact our Peering Team on or phone 09 888 9221. 

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