NZIX Opens in Wellington

The New Zealand Internet Exchange Inc (NZIX) is proud to announce the official launch of the Wellington IX (WLG-IX), an exchange point enabling connection between NZIX members nationally for local peering.

The new IX will enable members to exchange local traffic in two locations Xtreme DC and Spark Wellington Central Exchange.

“Internet Exchange Points are vital to improving efficiency to neighbouring networks, and with the opening of WLG-IX, New Zealanders will benefit from another point of interconnect for cost-effective, high bandwidth and low latency connectivity to other provider and content networks” Chris Browning, NZIX Chair said today. “This exchange is a key component to what the Society would like to achieve for New Zealand’s Internet.”

“The Society identified the need for an exchange point in Wellington. Being our nation’s capital, it is home to Parliament and many other government agencies and businesses” explains NZIX Treasurer, Dave Mill. “The initial uptake is very promising.”

The twelve-month free period begins Monday, November 1, 2021, for all NZIX members.

The Society currently operates eight points of presence across Auckland IX (AKL-IX), Christchurch IX (CHC-IX) and Wellington (WLG-IX) with the Internet Association of Australia Ltd (IAA) providing underlying network support operations.

More information about WLG-IX can be found on the NZIX website.

About the New Zealand Internet Exchange Inc.

The New Zealand Internet Exchange is a member-based society representing the Internet community. Founded in 2016, NZIX runs the largest internet exchange network in New Zealand servicing businesses, government and internet content and service providers on a not-for-profit, carrier neutral basis. NZIX members comprises large bookshops to application service providers and your neighbourhood retail internet service provider.

NZIX hosts the annual NZNOG network operators group event.

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