Third Party Content Caches

It’s more great news for NZIX members!

Our engineers have made some adjustments to the Route Servers across the network and are now permitting third party content caches supplied by other members via BGP communities.

If your network wants to offer content caches on the IX get in touch with us at!

To start things off we welcome the following third-party content cache but we need your help to grow this list!:

  • CHC-IX: Netflix via VocusGroup New Zealand (AS9790) – use the community 63830:40027

As a Christmas present our member Trustpower started announcing their Auckland Steam cache for all Members on AKL-IX to enjoy instead of opt-in communities!  Big thanks to Trustpower for letting all peers of AKL-IX to enjoy speedy Steam downloads!

To ensure you are getting the most out of the IX, please see the peering technical page for the list of community strings supported by NZIX.

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