Big Plans for the City of Sails

Over the past three months, plans to build the new western path through Auckland have continued to be discussed with IAA’s Peering Engineer, Aaron, providing a detailed overview of the draft 1-2 year plan at NZNOG in May. The plan’s end goal is to have a 400G redundant and diverse ring with massively reduced single points of failure. Potential new sites include Datacom – 6 Orbit Drive, Rosedale, Auckland and CDC Hobsonville.

The 220Q site is seeing steady growth with four recent 100G orders (2x Zscaler and 2x Starlink). Our priority for this site is to insert a new 100G switch, totalling two, to terminate either end of the ring on each switch – giving us greater resiliency and members requesting multiple 100G can terminate on both switches. 

The MDR site is maintaining solid growth and port capacity is limited! In the near future, we will deploy a new 100G switch at the site as we have already installed an additional 96F structured cabling to the MOFDF.

The VDC Albany site is experiencing slower growth, and as per Vocus’ request, we are planning to migrate racks within our datahall and exit the shared rack to ensure all customers are via our structure cabling MTP system. As with 220Q, this site is also set to get another 100G switch for the AKL Expansion to ensure ring paths land on different hardware and are able to provide multi-100G to members across different switches.

The Datavault site is experiencing slower growth; however, we have recently deployed a Packet Clearing House (AS42 and AS3856) DNS server – provided by them – to help serve critical DNS infrastructure!

Check out the increase in traffic over the past two years, looking at three different graphs from the month of May.

May 2020
May 2021
May 2022

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