Another great AGM done and dusted! Thank you to all who came and the Committee and staff who helped make the meeting happen. We sent out a post-event survey that returned some overwhelmingly positive feedback. Thank you to those who completed the survey; your feedback is valuable and always welcome. For those who were unable to attend, if you would like to see the AGM slides, they are available for download.  

Held at The Longroom in Ponsonby, Auckland, the meeting kicked off with the usual meeting open and a report from the Chair. Chris gave us a great overview of each IX, the Committee, and its plans in general. Dave followed on and gave us the Treasure’s Report, we won’t rehash the details here, but he gave us a nice summary of FY21/22 and an excellent breakdown of expenditure (past and future). You can access the financial report anytime on our website if you’re interested. Tom delivered the Secretary’s Report, and for those who know Tom you would know that he resides in the US and managed to make it over to deliver the Report IN PERSON! It was great to catch up with him again over a beverage rather than a laptop screen. He reported that we have seen a growth rate of 88.5% since 2018 and 2.08% since 2021, and continued to talk about our policies, the Incorporated Societies Act 2022 and our Service Agreement with IAA. Followed by another international traveller, Aaron Chidiac, delivered the Technical Report, giving us a detailed overview of network traffic and future plans.  

The evening quickly moved into the Committee Election, and it was announced that we had four nominees: Greg Wills (NOW NZ LTD), Jocelyn Bateman (Amazon), Liam Farr (ISP Limited) and Simon Allard (2degrees). The votes were very close, with Jocelyn Bateman being newly elected and Simon Allard being re-elected. We’re so happy to have Simon returning and Jocelyn joining us! Thank you to all who submitted nominations and nominees who were not elected this time; we appreciate the community support and wish you all the best.  

The meeting closed soon after, with Chris delivering other business and closing the meeting. There were a few questions during the open discussion on the IX, and the evening ended with some much needed in-person socialising! 

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