We’re thrilled that Simon will be continuing his service to NZIX by serving on the Committee for another four-year term. Simon joined NZIX in 2018 as he works for a large telco that heavily relies on peering. He says, “peering in New Zealand is a big part of the New Zealand Internet, and it’s important that it’s well managed with strong governance.”  

Currently working as the Head of Technology Architecture for 2Degrees, Simon began working in the Internet industry when he was 17. For Simon, it was new and exciting, and he knew that it was going to become a big part of our lives. His first job was on an Internet helpdesk at iHug when the Internet cost was $10 per Mbyte – YIKES! He quickly moved into Programming and Networking, where he remained for ten years. Since then, he’s worked at Maxnet/Vodafone and then settled in at Orcon. Orcon became Callplus, which then became Vocus, and Vocus is now becoming 2Degrees.  

All work aside, Simon is happily married to his wife, Kylie, and has three young children (Lockie 9, Isabel 6 and Nico 2). In his spare time, Simon volunteers for the New Zealand Coastguard and has been part of it for 10+ years. He is now a skipper of a Quick Rescue Vessel (QRV) and says, “bringing people home to their loved ones in some challenging situations is very fulfilling!”.   

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