NZIX is now three months into its collaboration with Chorus, offering peering from any handover port on Chorus’ ultra-fast broadband network to the New Zealand Internet Exchange.

Chorus EdgeConnect enables Chorus customers to communicate with other NZIX members on the same exchange. This will enable connections between Chorus customers to other NZIX members physically connected to NZIX switches, or even to those NZIX members similarly connected via Chorus EdgeConnect.

To take advantage of peering via EdgeConnect you will need to have a current NZIX service, be a Chorus customer and have a Chorus NGA handover. 

Chorus EdgeConnect is currently only available on the Auckland Internet Exchange (AKL- IX). We are working towards offering it on the existing CHC-IX and the future WLG-IX.

Interested in EdgeConnect? Place your order in the Member Portal. For more information visit the EdgeConnect page on the NZIX website.

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