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We were delighted to guest blog for APNIC this month, talking about how our member run IX has grown over the past few years, and what is ahead for our network with the Rugby World Cup streaming in 2019.

Read all about it here.

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The New Zealand Internet Exchange (NZIX) story is closely linked to our friends across the Tasman, the Internet Association of Australia (IAA). Members of the IAA peering on the IX Australia network, were showing interest in peering in New Zealand, so Joe Wooller began investigating the landscape in New Zealand.

Joe and the team at the IAA worked with a group of local industry representatives to establish the AKL-IX, which launched in October 2014. Once the exchange was established a local society was established to provide the strategic oversight of the network, and the NZIX was established as a society in February 2016. Joe served was part of the founding committee and has been a key contributor to the exchanges’ growth over the past four years.

Going from strength to strength NZIX has repaid the investment made by the IAA to establish the exchange, and now looks to expand and grow the network. Joe has been an integral part of our journey to date.

As many of you may be aware, Joe Wooller recently announced his resignation from the IAA  and with that he also leaves representing the IAA on the NZIX committee. On behalf of all the NZIX members and the NZIX Committee we thank you Joe for you role is setting up ALK-IX and the NZIX. We wish Joe all the best in his future endeavours, and hope to see you in New Zealand again soon.

As Joe departs the NZIX committee, we welcome a new representative on behalf of the IAA. Daryl Collins of Akamai has now joined the NZIX committee. Daryl has been part of the IAA Board since September 2016 and will bring a value insight to the committee as we plan for our part in delivering services for the Rugby World Cup.

On behalf of the committee, thank you Joe – and welcome Daryl.

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For those who attended NZNOG this year, you will have heard about the massive growth experienced by NZIX over the past 12 months, with an 82% increase to traffic on the IX at peak.

Growth is only meaningful with the right analysis, so we are pleased to announce that New Zealand members can now access exclusive flow-based metrics data in the Members Portal.

Login and select the Metrics panel to view a breakdown of traffic flows by Peer . This new feature will enable members to make a more accurate assessment of the areas providing best value for their business and where they might be missing out.

Similar metrics analysis will be rolled out to Australian-based IX services over the next 9 months.

If you weren’t able to attend NZNOG you can catch Tim’s presentation here, and download the slides here. If you need assistance with portal access, or with any feedback please drop us a line to

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It was great to see everyone tee off 2019 in style at our Holey Moley event in Aukland. The mood was festive and certainly worth the wait.

Did you putt your stuff through shark infested waters and pop culture references? We certainly improved our handicap as a result!

We hope you loved it as much as we did and look forward to our next catch up. 

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How good was NZNOG? Great to see so many familiar faces and get up to speed on the latest industry developments across New Zealand. 

Did you score one of our sweet hoodies? And have you been anywhere cold enough to wear it yet? We’d love to see your best hoodie model snaps… see if you can match the professional poses of our models Kellie & Callum pictured here!

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In August 2017 New Zealand Internet Exchange Inc brought in a second route server. Route Server 2 (RS2) offers our peers increased resilience should Route Server 1 (RS1) ever become isolated or fail. We’ve reached out to all our peers directly to bring up these new sessions, however there are a number of sessions yet to be established.

We’re encouraging all our peers to bring up their sessions on RS2 – special thanks to those that have already done so.

Address information for RS2 is as follows
( and 2001:07FA:0011:6:0:1DB6:0:2).

Do you need a hand? Reach out to our Support Team at if you need some assistance bringing up your session on RS2.

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Following the recent Annual General Meeting, the new committee are busy working behind the scenes and discussing the future direction of the society, including the growth of the IX. We are keen to hear your thoughts on how and where the network should grow.

We have set up a very quick survey to get your input, please take a couple of minutes to have your say.

The survey will close on Friday 9th November and we will update you on the results and how this informs our plans.

Have your say now!

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It was great to see so many of our members, and interested industry members, turn out to our Annual General Meeting last week.

The formalities of the AGM involved a vote from the membership to support a rule change for the society. The proposed change enables the society to access additional tax deductions from Inland Revenue. We are pleased to confirm that the motion was passed by the members, the society staff will now progress the rule change process with the Companies Office.

The AGM also saw the first committee member elections since the society was established.

The Committee would like to extend their thanks to outgoing Chair, Davey Goode from Devoli as well as committee member Kevin Cox of DTS. Your contributions to the committee are appreciated and we look forward to your continued involvement as members.

It was great to have so many nominees put themselves forward to join the committee. With only two positions available it was great to have six nominations on the ballot. Thank you to everyone that put their name forward.

We are pleased to announce that Simon Allard of Vocus Communications, and Barry Murphy of Devoli Pty Ltd have been elected to the committee. The committee are looking forward to working together to move the society forward.

Following the AGM we were excited to hear from Shane Alcock of the OpenLI project. NZIX are pleased to support the OpenLI team in their development of software to meet the requirements New Zealand’s TICSA legislation.

If you have any thoughts or feedback for the committee we welcome you to get in touch by emailing



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Dear Members,

I am seeking election to the NZIX Committee because I feel I have the right combination of technical skills and experience to represent our current and future members.

I want to represent all of our NZIX members, big or small, discover how we can grow NZIX for everyone, and ensure the current established neutrality remains.

As a member of the NZIX committee it would be my priority to assist in planning the evolution and development of the NZIX.

I am a Senior Network Engineer with over 15 years industry experience. I’m a problem solver that likes to think outside the box. I have over 5 years experience with Extreme Networks switching, which the NZIX is built upon, integrating Extreme into many well-known medium to large NZ enterprises, large schools, and polytechnics.

When I’m not at work, or running after the kids at home, I can often be found relaxing with a nice whisky, and tinkering with home automation, electronics, and IoT devices.

I want to be a voice for you on the committee, giving up my time for this role, and attending NZIX committee meetings in order to help evolve NZIX through the next stage of its growth.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me: or via Twitter @jeffmorgannz

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I have been involved in the internet space for nearly 2 decades and in that time, I’ve had dealings with just about every telecommunications company in New Zealand (and Australia) either directly or indirectly.

In February 2016, I was honoured to be invited to be a trustee of NZNog where since joining I have been involved in two successful conferences and the scouting and planning of three events.

My skills are particularly good in entrepreneurship having been an owner of three successful companies; meaning, planning,  budgeting, doing what is necessary & always keeping eye on the ball to make something successful which is what I can bring to the table.

I have an extensive knowledge of the industry and have a great understanding of those that use it, or at least manage it, such as connecting with people and peering etc.

Many years ago, I used to run, and still do (while very outdated) which was a means to show the peering of NZ ISP’s, since then much more advanced and pretty looking BGP tools have become available.

While it is not my intention to re-write tools that have become available, I come up with some great ideas; given the resources to help take them to the next level, could be advantageous of NZIX.

In closing, I would love the opportunity to be part of NZIX and ensuring its stability & growth continue for generations to come.

I can be reached on if anyone has any questions they wish to ask.

Many thanks

Barry Murphy


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